Business Savings Account

At Flanagan State Bank, we understand the importance of having reliable and straightforward savings account for your Illinois business. With our Business Savings account, you can store your extra funds and earn a competitive interest rate. Whether you’re building a rainy-day fund or saving for a specific goal, such as equipment purchase, our business savings account ensures that your funds are readily accessible whenever opportunities arise.


Key Features and Benefits:


  1. Competitive Rates: Our Business Savings account offers competitive interest rates, allowing your funds to grow steadily over time. We believe in helping your business maximize its potential earnings on surplus funds.
  2. Access to Your Funds When Needed: We know that in the dynamic world of business, timing is everything. That’s why our Business Savings account provides you with easy access to your funds when you need them. Be prepared to seize opportunities or address unexpected expenses without any hassle.
  3. Free Online Banking: Stay connected and in control of your business savings with our free online banking platform. Manage your account from the convenience of your office or wherever you are. Monitor balances, view transaction history, and transfer funds securely, all with just a few clicks.
  4. Avoid Monthly Service Charge: Maintain a minimum balance of $50.00 in your Business Savings account, and you can avoid the $3.00 monthly service charge. We believe in rewarding your commitment to saving and ensuring your business stays financially healthy.
  5. Affordable Minimum Deposit: Open a Business Savings account with just a minimum deposit of $50.00. We understand the importance of accessibility and flexibility when it comes to managing your business’s financial needs.


At Flanagan State Bank, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable and convenient financial solutions. Our Business Savings Account is designed to help your business grow and thrive while still providing easy access to your funds. To learn more about this account or to open a new one, we invite you to call or visit your nearest Flanagan State Bank location in Illinois. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in achieving your business savings goals.


Take control of your business’s financial future. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey toward financial success together.

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