Foreign Currency Orderings/Exchange


Q: Can I order or sell back my foreign currency in coin?
A: We can only order or sell back paper currency, not coin.

Q: Why is the exchange rate I got through Flanagan State Bank different than the one I found online? 
A: The exchange rate you will receive is the retail rate, which is not the same as the rate you would find in a Google search of the foreign currency market. 

Q: Why is the actual cost to me slightly different than what I was quoted when I made an inquiry? 
A: The retail exchange rate is constantly changing, so a price quote will usually just be an estimate because the cost will fluctuate.

Q: Can I request my foreign currency in specific denominations? 
A: You may request specific denominations, but your request may or may not be granted based on availability of the denominations through the CXI portal.

Q: Can I have my currency order shipped straight to my home or to another location? 
A: Any foreign currency orders FSB places must be shipped to your local branch for verification before they are picked up.  You will be notified as soon as possible once your order arrives. 

Q: How quickly will my foreign currency arrive once my order is placed? 
A: Foreign currency orders are always overnighted. Depending on when the order is placed, it should arrive at your branch in 1-3 calendar days.