Mortgage Online


Q: Why is my home loan being serviced by Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. (DMI) instead of by Flanagan State Bank?
A: Flanagan State Bank has contracted with DMI in order to provide you with the most cutting-edge technology available in the industry and to provide you with informative monthly billings statements.

Q: I was able to view my home loan by using my internet banking login, but I am not able to see my account anymore. How can I locate information about my mortgage loan online?
A: You can access your loan information online by clicking here or from the top of our webpages by using the “Mortgage Online” button to the right of the main “Online Banking Login >” button.

Q: What can I do when I log into “Mortgage Online”?

  • You can access details about your loan and your payment history.
  • You can make a payment.
  • You can sign up for automatic payments.
  • You can obtain tax, escrow, and insurance information.
  • You can view your monthly billing statement and escrow analysis statements.
  • You can request a payoff.
  • The primary borrower can sign up for paperless billing.
  • You can access educational videos by clicking on the Help menu at the top, then visiting the Learning Center.
    • Educational Videos Provided:
      • Mortgage Statement Overview & Paperless Billing
      • Payment Assistance Options
      • How To Read Your Escrow Statement
      • Understanding Insurance Claims
      • Understanding Lender Placed Insurance
      • Understanding Year End Tax Documents
  • You can chat online with a representative during service hours.

Q: If I would like to mail a check to make a payment, where should I send it?
A: Flanagan State Bank, P.O. Box 0054, Palatine, IL 60055-0054.

Q: Can I still call my local Flanagan State Bank branch and get information about my loan?
A: Yes! Your local Flanagan State Bank staff can view your loan and payment history and can answer your questions.

Q: Can I contact Mortgage Online directly to ask questions about my loan?
A: Yes. You can contact Mortgage Online directly at (866) 685-2686.

Q: Can I still use bill pay to make my loan payments?
A: Yes! Just add Dovenmuehle Mortgage as a new payee, use your new loan number, and the zip code shown on your billing statement.

Q: Can I still make my loan payment at any Flanagan State Bank branch office?
A: Full loan payments can be done in our banking offices. If you desire to make a partial payment we can discuss various options such as flex drafting with you or you can call Mortgage Online directly at (866) 685-2686.

Q: My payment used to come out of my account automatically each month. Why did that stop?
A: Flanagan State Bank has not received your updated Automatic Payment Plan form. You can sign up for ACH payments again by using the “Mortgage Online” button.

Q: I use the Mint App to help me budget and track my finances. Will I be able to use Mint to track my mortgage payments through the DMI sub-servicer portal?
A: The Mint APP will integrate with your bank account to track when your mortgage payment has been made, however the new mortgage online portal is not able to integrate with Mint.

Q: What are my payment options if I have filed for bankruptcy and am unable to access the Mortgage Online portal or set up automatic payment drafts?
A: Options are as follows: a) mail in a check or money order made payable to Flanagan State Bank c/o DMI, 1 Corporate Dr. Suite 360, Lake Zurich, IL 60047; b) Set up an online bill pay through personal checking account using the above address information; c) Call in a payment to 800-669-0340. There is a $11.50 processing fee associated with this method.

Q: What is the procedure to file an insurance claim?
A: Please contact DMI directly by calling 1-877-592-0192. You will then be connected with a Loss Draft Representative who will go over the next steps you need to take. You may also log into Mortgage Online and click the “Help” button. From there, click “Overview Video” and then “Understanding Insurance Claims” to watch an educational video.