General Banking


Q: Is it safer to use a debit card or a credit card?
A: It is not safer to use one or the other. The difference is if someone steals your debit card number, they are spending your money that you may need to pay your bills and buy necessities for your family.

Q: I just moved. What do I need to do to change my address?
A: Stop in any Flanagan State Bank branch in person or contact us by phone or by email to let us know your new address. If the address change isn’t completed in person a letter will be sent to both the new address and old address as a security measure to make sure the address change was legitimate.

Q: I’m traveling next week, do I need to let you know that?
A: Your travel plans can be listed through our FSB Wallet app as to where you are going and when. Our fraud monitoring system will check before they call with any unusual activity.

Q: Do you provide notary services and what is the fee?
A: It is free for customers and $1.00 for non-customers. We do have notaries at every location. Please call your local branch to set up an appointment.

Q: I just got married, how do I change my name?
A: Please bring in your certified marriage license, updated driver’s license, and updated social security card.

Q: How much is an overdraft fee?
A: An Overdraft charge of $24.00 will be charged per item for covering overdrafts created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. Daily Maximum of $96.00. A Return check charge of $24.00 will be charged per item returned created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. Daily maximum of $96.00.

Q: Do you count coin?
A: Coin Counting is free for customers. 2% of total, or minimum of $1.00 for non-customers.

Q: Do you do license plate stickers?
A: We do License Stickers in our El Paso & Le Roy branches. $7.50 + cost of registration.

Q: What does the Credit Card Customer Service phone line handle for the bank? 
A: The Credit Card Customer Service phone line can handle all types of inquiries and requests from reissuing statements to reporting fraud. This line handles questions regarding your Debit or Credit card(s). Call the main customer service phone line, (855) 445-1036, and use the following options to speak to a representative:

  • Option 1 – Lost or Stolen Cards
  • Option 2 – Suspected Fraud
  • Option 3 – Account Information
  • Option 4 – Card Activation
  • Option 5 – Billing Disputes
  • Option 6 – Payment Options
  • Option 7 – Create or Change a PIN
  • Option 8 – Credit Counseling/Debt Management