Youth Achievement Savings Account

How would your student feel about receiving cash rewards for good grades and perfect attendance? Now they can, with the Flanagan Youth Achievement Savings Account. Each semester students with the account are invited to present their latest report card and rack up the rewards—$5 for each A, up to $25 a semester, with a possible $25 bonus for perfect attendance.

How to Qualify

Student must be enrolled in third through twelfth grade. Student’s parent or guardian must have an account at Flanagan in order for the student to qualify. The parent may be on the YAA, but is not required. Student must present their latest semester report card and will receive $5 for each A or equivalent A, up to a max of $25 per card. Report cards should be presented by February 1st or July 1st. Report cards can be emailed to One report card per semester. For students on a trimester school schedule, first and third trimester report cards will be accepted. Homeschool students are eligible. No back dating or rewards for previous report cards. At the end of each semester, students who have documented perfect attendance on their semester report card will receive a bonus reward deposit of $25, for a max of $50 per school year. Perfect attendance is defined as having no absences, excused or unexcused. Rewards will be posted to the Youth Achievement Accounts on the last business day in either February or July, depending on the semester on the report card. Rewards subject to change.


Limit one Youth Achievement Account per student. If a student closes their Youth Achievement Account, they are not permitted to open another within the Flanagan State Bank system again. For Personal Use Only – no business accounts. Withdrawals are limited to the months of May and August each year. The max reward per semester report card is $25, twice a year, and $25 each semester for perfect attendance. Student must have a parent or guardian with an active Flanagan State Bank account in order to open their Youth Achievement Account. In order to continue to be eligible for rewards the guardian/parent of the account holder has to maintain an open and active deposit account at Flanagan State Bank. If a guardian/parent of the account holder no longer has an open and active deposit account with Flanagan State Bank rewards will not be paid and the account may be converted to a basic savings account by Flanagan State Bank.


A rewards deposit savings account specifically created to acknowledge good grades and perfect attendance for youth in 3rd-12th grade. Must meet certain qualifications to receive rewards, which are paid once a semester, and withdrawals are limited. No monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirement. 0.25% APY interest paid on the account balance. Rates subject to change.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. APYs accurate as of 01/25/2017. Rates may change after account is opened.