Business Loans & Credit

Business Term Loan

The key to success is staying relevant in your industry. Don’t put off getting what your business needs, whether it’s new equipment or higher headcount. Bring your business back to speed with a business term loan. We offer low rates and flexible terms for affordable payment plans! Talk to a FSB lender today.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan

We offer loans for all industries because we understand expansion and growth are key to operating a successful business. Let us help you get there with competitive rates on loans. Whether you need a bridge loan or a long-term purchase loan, our expert lenders can find the right program for your needs. Count on us for attentive service and smooth in-house processing.

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Land Development Loans

For businesses that want to expand, we offer competitive land development loans for the Central Illinois area. These loans cover acquisition and infrastructure construction costs. We offer competitive rates and affordable payment plans to work within your budget. Contact someone on our Agriculture Lending Team to walk you through our offerings.

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SBA Financing

Meet and even exceed your business goals with a number of special loan programs designed to help small or growing businesses. SBA programs make loans available to those businesses that might not otherwise qualify for traditional lending.

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Business Line of Credit

Enjoy the security of a loan with the flexibility of a line of credit. Pay what you want, when you want, and pay interest only on what you use. Since we process lending in-house, you won’t have to wade through all the red tape. Expect efficient and expedient processing and service with a smile!

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Letters of Credit

A Flanagan State Bank letter of credit is a perfect fit when you have a business transaction that requires you to guarantee a payment or service (such as delivery of goods). Our letters of credit can be especially helpful in international commerce. Interest accrues only when an advance is issued at the request of the beneficiary.

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Business Credit Cards

Keep business and personal expenses separate and give your employees a way to pay off business expenses. Plus enjoy the purchasing power of Visa®, which is accepted worldwide.

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Commercial Lending Family

Are you looking for a commercial loan with the best rates and terms for your business? For more than a century, we’ve helped local businesses like yours grow and thrive. When you’re looking for a commercial loan, you want to work with a local bank that understands the market.

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