Mobile Banking


Q: Will my phone always ask me to enter my password, or can I save it?
A: Our app will save your user ID, but for your protection may not save your password. Keeping your user ID and password together is like keeping your debit card and PIN number together; it is not advised because it may provide easy access not only for you but also for a thief. If your phone has fingerprint capabilities, you may set them up to unlock your mobile app for a more convenient option. If you do somehow save both your user ID and password, we would recommend setting a security lock on your phone screen.

Q: Are there things that the Mobile App can do that the browser Online Banking portal can’t?
A: Our Mobile App links directly to our FSB Wallet App, so you can manage your debit or credit cards easily without having to log in separately. You can use FSB Wallet to lock or unlock your card(s), set transaction alerts, control when and where your card is used, and enter your travel plans. Another great feature is the “Account Balances” function, where you can pre-set low-balance notifications.

Q: What else can the Mobile App do that cannot be done via the Online Banking browser portal?
A: You can use your FSB Mobile App to Mobile Deposit a check or check(s) up to a daily limit of $5,000. If your check or item total is larger than $5,000, you may call your local branch to speak with a branch manager about a potential limit raise. The manager may choose to approve or deny the raise based on your conversation and may advise you to bring the check(s) into your local branch for further examination to limit risk. We take check fraud very seriously.

Q: Can I share my Mobile App user ID and password with a friend or family member, so they can deposit checks into my account(s) on my behalf?
A: Sharing your sensitive information exposes both yourself and the bank to risk and is therefore prohibited. When you enroll in Online Banking and the Mobile App, you are required to read and accept the “Terms and Conditions” of their use. This policy is outlined there. Violations may result in the removal of Mobile Banking privileges. Also, checks deposited must be endorsed by you, the account owner, in a very specific way. No one else may endorse on behalf of the payee, except the bank when the item is deposited in person.

Q: Can I see all of my accounts in the Mobile App?
A: Currently, all personal accounts except a Credit Card are visible in the Mobile App. Your FSB Credit Card information is displayed in the browser Online Banking portal and can be accessed through its own separate Credit Card portal for increased management functionality. Business accounts are also not viewable through the Mobile App. Since business accounts require Business Online Banking set up and are accessed separately online, Mobile Banking is not an option for business accounts.

Q: How long does it take mobile deposits to get into your account?
A: Mobile deposits can take up to 1-2 business days to appear in your account. A mobile deposit is NOT real time and will NOT immediately appear as collected funds, like deposits do when done in one of our branches. Mobile deposits post to accounts 1x a day, at night, around 7-8pm. If there is an urgent need for the deposited funds to be available as soon as possible, a night drop at one of our branches should be utilized on non-business days, as it will be processed first thing the following business day.