Business Term Loan

Are you looking for a term loan with the best rates and terms for your business in Central Illinois? For more than a century, we’ve helped local businesses like yours grow and thrive.

Don’t put off getting what your business needs, whether it’s new equipment or a higher headcount.

Business Term Loan

Use a Flanagan State Bank Term Loan to finance equipment or the purchase of other business assets.

Whether you need a new combine harvester or point-of-sale software, we can help you find a loan with competitive rates and terms.

When you want to invest in the long-term growth of your business, a term loan is a great way to finance new equipment, the growth of your team, and other large expenses.

Benefits of Business Term Loans

  • Purchase equipment, and other assets, hire employees, and more
  • Terms dependent on what is being purchased
  • Competitive rates and flexible terms for affordable payment plans
  • Easy ways to make payments
  • Payments are typically due monthly
  • Local processing for better efficiency
  • Attentive service during the length of your loan

Bring your business back to speed with a business term loan. We offer low rates and flexible terms for affordable payment plans!

Call or visit your nearest location to learn more about Business Term Loans or to take out a term loan for your business today!