Online Banking


Q: How do I reset my internet banking password?
A: You can use the “reset password” function on the website or call any of our locations.

Q: Where can I find statements on my internet banking?
A: You can log on to your internet banking via the website or web browser, click on the account you want, and then click on documents.

Q: Can a minor have online banking?
A: Yes, but more than likely they will need to be manually enrolled by an FSB staff member. Please contact your local branch for assistance.

Q: It is hard for me to keep track of my accounts. I like having everything with you guys, but is there a way for me to more easily tell which account is which?
A: You can give your accounts nicknames to identify them on the ‘Home’ tab in the browser version of Online Banking. The nicknames you set will automatically appear in your mobile app. You can also choose what order you would like them to display in, so your primary accounts show first.

Q: I’m already a customer and I would like to open another account. Can I do that through my online banking?
A: You can open a new account from inside your browser version of Online Banking, or through the FSB Mobile App. In the desktop version, you can do this at the bottom of your ‘Home’ tab. In the mobile app, you can open an account at the bottom of the ‘Accounts’ tab.

Q: I’d like to open another Kasasa account. Can I do that online?
A: Kasasa accounts are limited to one per primary social security number and we open them in person at our branches. I would be happy to set up an appointment for you, if this new account will be held jointly and you will be secondary.

Q: I suppose I will have to find another solution. I’ll be the only one on the account and I am already primary on my Kasasa. What other accounts can I open online?
A: You can open any of the following account types online: Interest Checking, Personal Checking, Money Market, and Personal Savings.

Q: I need to print some of my old statements and transaction images. How do I do that in online banking?
A: If you want to print statements or images from a specific account, you can go to the ‘Accounts’ tab and select the account. Then, go to the ‘Documents’ tab and enter the date range you’re interested in. Once you click ‘Submit’, all statements from that time period will appear, and you can click on each one to print it. If your account type includes images with statements, those images will be printed automatically. If you’re looking for specific images, you can find them in the ‘Details’ tab under recent transactions. When you know the check number (or span) or amount of the transaction(s) you want to find, you can search in the ‘Categorize’ transactions tab for the specific item(s).

Q: Categorize? I use a different app to budget and track my spending. What can your online banking do to help me budget?
A: You can categorize all of your transactions into different pre-set categories to help you see exactly where and how you are spending your money. This feature is super helpful for attentive budgeters! Major categories available are Auto and Transport, Business Services, Checks and Withdrawals, Education, Entertainment, Fees and Charges, Financial, Food and Dining, Gifts and Donations, Health and Fitness, Home, Income, Kids, Payments, Personal Care, Pets, Shopping, Taxes, Transfers, Travel, and Utilities and Services. These all have sub-categories too.

Q: It is important to me that I be able to easily transfer funds between my accounts. Can I do that online?
A: You can set up transfers with just a few clicks! Choose the account you want to move the funds from, where you want them to go to, select the date you want the funds to move, and enter the amount. Done! You can even enter a description or reference if you would like.

Q: What if I want to set up a transfer that will happen regularly each month…or every time I get paid?
A: You can set up recurring transfers online too! Next to the date, just click the box to “Repeat” the transfer. Select how often you would like the transfer to occur, and how many times you want the transfer to recur, and you’re in business.

Q: Can I set up bill payments to pay my utilities through your online banking? Is there a fee?
A: Personal Bill Pay services are currently available for FREE and can be set up through your Online Banking portal at any time. Simply click on the ‘Bill Payment’ navigation tab to get started and accept the “Terms & Conditions”. From your “Payment Center,” you can build payments to people or companies, review past payment history, enroll in and send money with ZELLE, view the accounts linked to Bill Pay, get helpful answers to your questions, and double check your profile information.

Q: What if I have questions about Bill Pay, or an ACH Payment I sent, that I can’t find an answer to online?
A: Our Bill Pay Customer Service lines are open from 6:00a.m. to 12:00a.m. central time, 7 days a week. You can call 844-775-9503 with any questions. If you need to stop or cancel a payment that has already been sent, they will take care of it for you.

Q: I forgot my password. Can I reset it myself, or do I always have to call you guys?
A: In the Online Banking pop-up, you can click on “forgot password” to reset your password 24/7. If you are locked out, we are happy to reset it for you during regular banking hours.

Q: What can I do via the Online Banking browser that I cannot do in the Mobile App?
A: The Mobile App is meant to be a quick access, mobile-friendly version of the website portal. Generally, the browser version of the portal has more administrative capabilities than the Mobile App. You can change your password on the app, but any major profile modifications or enrollments will need to be done through the browser.