Additional Services

As a service to our customers, we offer the following services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us with your questions.

Safe Deposit Boxes

For a small yearly fee, our safe deposit boxes provide a convenient place to store items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. The boxes are available for access during regular business hours. They are private, secure, and resistant to fire, flood, other natural disasters, and theft.

Box Size and Annual Rent

3 x 5$17 to $21
3 x 10$24 to $28
5 x 10$40 to $48
10 x 10$57.50 to $75.00

Rent is assessed yearly in July and may be paid by check or auto withdrawal. Annual rent amount varies at each location. If opened in combination with another deposit account, your first year’s rent may be waived.

Account Dormancy

When an account has been inactive for a period of one year, meaning no transactions have occurred over that time, the account falls into dormant status. When this occurs, we will issue you a dormancy notice that informs you of the status change and prompts you to contact us to reactivate your account. Accounts marked dormant are assessed a $1.00 fee each month they remain inactive, and may eventually be closed if no contact is established.

When you sign and return your dormancy notice or if you establish contact by performing a transaction on your account, the last date of contact will be adjusted and the account will be reactivated, unless you desire to take some other form of action. Maintaining personal contact with the bank and keeping your account in active status helps the bank protect you and your account from identity theft. Extended dormancy may also lead to the loss of your funds. Any accounts that remain in dormant status for five years may be deemed “Unclaimed Property” by the State of Illinois. The state can then seize the account and all assets within it.

Checks and Wires

To reorder checks or obtain a wire, please visit one of our branches.

Routing Number

The routing number for Flanagan State Bank is 071118264.