Business Certificates of Deposit

At Flanagan State Bank, we offer a smart and secure way for your Illinois business to improve its earnings without risking any of your company’s cash assets. With our Business Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts, you can earn a guaranteed fixed rate by selecting the term that suits your needs. Whether you have business savings that won’t be needed for a while or want to maximize your returns, our Business CDs provide a reliable and profitable investment solution.


Important Information:


  1. Higher Returns than Savings Accounts: Unlike traditional savings accounts, our Business CDs offer higher returns on your investments. By locking in a fixed rate for the length of your chosen term, you can watch your earnings grow steadily over time.
  2. Fixed Rates for Length of Term: With a Business CD, you enjoy the advantage of knowing your exact rate of return for the entire duration of your chosen term. This stability allows you to plan and forecast your business’s financial growth more effectively.
  3. Flexible Term Options: We understand that every business has unique financial goals. That’s why Our Business CD terms include one term of 12 months that allows a $500 deposit, and a 30 day term with a $50,000 deposit. Choose the term that aligns with your savings objectives and enjoy the benefits of a tailored investment strategy.
  4. Early Withdrawal Penalties Apply: While we encourage you to commit to the full term of your Business CD for optimal returns, we understand that circumstances may change. In case you need to withdraw your funds before the maturity date, early withdrawal penalties will apply. Please consult with our knowledgeable team for more details.
  5. Affordable Minimum Deposit: Open a Business CD account with just a minimum deposit of $500.00. We believe in making investment opportunities accessible and inclusive for businesses of all sizes.


At Flanagan State Bank, we prioritize the financial success of your business. Our Business CDs provide a secure and profitable way to maximize your earnings while protecting your cash assets. To learn more about our Business CD options or to open a new account, we invite you to contact us or visit your nearest Flanagan State Bank location. Our experienced team is ready to guide you through the process and help you make informed investment decisions.

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