Summer of 2022


Flanagan, IL—Flanagan State Bank donated $10,000 to the Flanagan-Graymont Fire Rescue through a matching campaign to purchase a LUCAS 3 CPR device. The device, which can administer high-quality CPR to those experiencing a cardiac event, was recently purchased and placed in service to the community.

“As a department, we always strive to provide the absolute best service and care to our community,” said Ryan Schladenhauffen, EMS captain of the Flanagan-Graymont Fire Department. “With the amazing support from individuals and local businesses such as Flanagan State Bank, we are able to continuously improve and add to our abilities to provide this service.”

For those experiencing a cardiac arrest, it has been proven that continuous high quality chest compressions increase the patient’s chances of survival, according to Schladenhauffeen. While we are fortunate to have many volunteers who respond in our rural communities, there is no guarantee on who and how many volunteers are available to respond at any given time. With the addition of the LUCAS 3 CPR device, it allows those who respond to focus on other tasks required during the resuscitation event. This device also takes out the human factor of fatigue, which can rapidly set in while a provider is doing periods of CPR compressions, and allows for constant high-quality compressions.

“We greatly appreciate the work the Flanagan-Graymont Fire Rescue does to keep our community safe,” said Audrey Harlan, president of Flanagan State Bank. “We’re grateful we were able to join the efforts to ensure our community has access to this life-saving device.”


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