December 2022


Flanagan, IL—Flanagan State Bank donated $15,000 to assist with refinishing the gymnasium floor at Cornell Grade School. The previous floor was heavily used, and the completely refinished floor offers a better facility for students and the community. The funds allowed the floor to be sanded down, striped, bright new graphics to be applied, and a new polyurethane coat applied to protect the floor. The floor refinishing project was completed this summer.

“The space is used as a community center,” said Dave Leonard, school custodian and boys’ basketball couch at Cornell Grade School. “The school just hosted our winter program this week and the gym floor was covered in chairs. This project helps everyone in the community, not just the students.”

“While we’re excited to know that students now have a refreshed and safer gymnasium floor, we’re glad to know this update will have benefits beyond the school day,” said Audrey Harlan, president of Flanagan State Bank. “Flanagan State Bank has always been locally focused and we especially appreciate projects where the entire community can benefit.”


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