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Agricultural Loans

We Believe in Farming with a Future

Flanagan State Bank is committed to agriculture and to our local farmers. Our services give our farm customers a competitive edge over their peers by emphasizing cash flow analysis in making loan decisions and improving their business. The addition of a cash flow analysis gives our customers a higher level of security by adding another informed opinion to their available resources.

Farm customers are finding that loan decisions are rarely made on the local level these days because of mergers and consolidations. Ag lending is often curtailed during "down cycles" by regional and national banks whose leaders don't understand the business. That isn't our way. Flanagan State Bank is truly a local lender. Our Agricultural Lending Officers were born and raised in farming communities. They have seen and experienced firsthand what it is to be a part of this dynamic business. Our Ag Services Department covers a wide area of Central Illinois, with convenient branch locations in six different communities.

The Flanagan State Bank Agriculture Team understands today's complicated issues. Most areas of farming are changing quickly. Technological advances in equipment and seed, volatile markets, changing weather patterns, and the high cost of fuel and other necessary inputs all make keeping on top of your cash flow vital. As an Ag lender we are doing our best to prepare our farm customers to take advantage of these and other changes as they take place.

Click here to read our NEW handbook for beginning farmers, Farming with a Future.

See How We are Different!

At Flanagan State Bank we believe that there is a future in agriculture and want every customer we serve to succeed. We truly believe we are different and would enjoy the opportunity to show what we can do for you. Here are a few of the advantages we offer:

Personal Ag Consultant:  We provide you with your own personal Ag Consultant who has devoted their education and career to Agricultural Finance. The same person is available every time to answer your questions.

Availability:  We give you our home and cell phone numbers and are eager to meet at your convenience. This includes before and/or after normal business hours.

Ag Loan Programs:  We have knowledge of a wide-range of state and federal Ag loan programs. Your consultant will assess your needs and know which program will benefit you most.

Home Visits:  We make farm visits to help you review cash flow, estimate yields, consider adjustments, and discuss future plans, among other services.

Steadfast:  We will be there when you really need help. Our consultants have a genuine concern for the local farmer and his family. Working with you to get through the tough times is part of our commitment to our customers.

Looking Ahead:  We assist you in preparing a loan trend analysis and gathering accurate cash flow information to help you understand where you have been, where you are now, and where you are headed.

Guidance:  We use your cash flow information, to compute a break even analysis for use in your marketing plan. We encourage consideration of niche markets for specialty grains and livestock to improve returns. We assist you in developing resume books to better market you operations to prospective landlords and farm managers.

Education:  We continue to seek information and educate ourselves on the latest innovations and products that will help you. We prepare and distribute an Ag newsletter entitled "Farming with a Future" that is designed to provide you with relevant information on today's market and trends. The newsletter is available free of charge and features local and national Ag experts. 

Click here to read the current Ag Newsletter.

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Agricultural Loan Programs

Our Agricultural Loan Officers have a wealth of knowledge about many state and federal Ag loan programs. Your consultant will assess your needs and know which program will benefit you the most. For more information on any of the programs mentioned here, or other program options, call, e-mail, or stop in at one of our five locations.

FSA Operating Loans/Machinery Programs

These Farm Service Agency (FSA) guaranteed loan programs are used in central Illinois counties to offer a reduced rates of interest for beginning farmers and customers with tighter cash flows. Interest can be reduced by 4% for those who qualify, with loan limits per borrower. These loans are guaranteed by the federal government and therefore do not require a family guarantor or co-signer.

IFA Loan Programs

Flanagan State Bank participates in all programs which the Illinois Finance Authority (IFA) has developed for the benefit of Illinois farmers. These loans include: specialized livestock guaranteed loans that are intended for the expansion and development of livestock farms; the Young Farmer Guarantee Loan for the purchase of machinery and/or real estate without a cosigner; and the most popular, the Beginning Farmer Bond Program. This program uses tax-exempt bonds to reduce the interest expense for farmers who meet certain qualification requirements.

Illinois State Treasurer Link Deposit Loans

Flanagan State Bank knows that agriculture is a major component of Illinois' economy, and lending operational and long-term money at a rate that is attractive to farmers assists in keeping the agriculture backbone of Illinois strong. A borrower may receive these loans by completing a simple application form with Flanagan State Bank and certifying that he/she will be using the funds for goods and services related to the production of agriculture products or alternative agriculture products. These loans have limits per borrower and operation for operating money and per operation for machinery purchases. Contact one of our Ag Lending Officers for more information.

Fixed Rate Agricultural Real Estate Loans

Flanagan State Bank offers fixed rate real estate loans, in partnership with Farmer Mac, for maturities ranging between 7 and 20 years. The Farmer Mac loan programs offer competitive rates and terms for both conventional loans and FSA Guaranteed loans.

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The Agriculture Team

Rich Ritter, Le Roy Branch

E-mail: richardritter@flanaganstatebank.com

Phone: (309) 962-4707


Rich Ritter has worked for Flanagan State Bank since 1995. Rich is Senior Vice President of Agricultural Lending. He has over 23 years' experience as an Ag lender. Rich grew up in rural Blue Mound, Illinois, on a farm. His dad was a tenant grain farmer; Rich helped produce and market corn, soybeans, wheat, hogs, beef, chickens, eggs, milk and butter. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Millikin University.

Rich has been involved with many activities in the Ag industry and in the surrounding local communities. He served a two-year term as one of two lenders in the U.S. appointed by the USDA as a member of the "National Committee for Young Farmers". In 1994 Rich created the "Farming with a Future" newsletter that is mailed quarterly by Flanagan State Bank to over 1,000 farmers and landlords in central Illinois. Rich has also been involved with Lions, Rotary, Optimist, Kiwanis, "Just Say No", FFA, county fairs, Agri-Ability Unlimited, Dale Carnegie, youth sports coaching, livestock judging, and promoting both Ag and pork.

Rich is married and lives in Flanagan, Illinois. He and his wife Carol have two sons. Rich has tried to pattern his life after the great innovator, John Deere, who once said, "I will not put my name on anything unless it is the best from within me." Rich wants to continue to grow each day and make a positive impact on those around him.

Kyle Koerner, Le Roy Branch

E-mail: kylekoerner@flanaganstatebank.com

Phone: (309) 962-4707

Kyle Koerner grew up in Le Roy as one of six siblings. He attended Le Roy High School, where he was very active in sports; playing basketball, baseball, and football. After high school, Kyle attended Eureka College, where he majored in Sports Management. During his years at Eureka, Kyle played baseball for the college team and was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, where he eventually became Residential Advisor and President of their house.

Always dedicated to furthering his career, Kyle worked multiple jobs during high school and college. Prior to working for Flanagan State Bank, he worked as a sales associate at Hutch's Motor Co. in Le Roy, and as a credit manager at Wells Fargo Financial in Bloomington, IL. Kyle currently resides in Le Roy with his wife, Chelsey, and their daughter.

Tim Koltveit, Benson Branch

E-mail: timkoltveit@flanaganstatebank.com

Phone: (309) 394-2785


Tim Koltveit was born and raised in Pontiac, where he currently lives. He attended Pontiac High School, where he was involved in FFA, band, and debate. He was also active in 4-H and Boy Scouts, where he became an Eagle Scout. Prior to working for Flanagan State Bank, Tim worked at Evenglow Inn, in Pontiac. Tim is a graduate of Augustana College, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Business Finance. While at Augustana, he was the president of a social club and he worked at an organic farm.

Tim recently completed Agriculture Credit School in Ames, Iowa. He looks forward to continuing to increase his knowledge in the agricultural and mortgage lending fields. In his free time, Tim likes to boat, fish, and watch baseball and football. He still helps with 4-H and Boy Scouts in his spare time.

David Wyss, Jr., Flanagan Branch

E-mail: djwyss@flanaganstatebank.com

Phone: (815) 796-2264

David Wyss was born and raised in Minonk, Illinois. David graduated from Illinois State University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Dedicated to increasing his agricultural knowledge, DJ also attended Iowa State University, completing their Agriculture Credit School. He joined Flanagan State Bank as an Agriculture Loan Officer in 2007. Prior to working for the bank, David worked at the FS in Minonk, and spent time as a crop scout for Pfister Hybrids in El Paso. 

David attended Fieldcrest High School, where he was active in football an FFA. He grew up working on a farm with his father and grandfather, learning what it means to be a part of this vital industry. His personal history and lifelong experience in the farming industry make him dedicated to helping his customers accomplish their personal and business goals.

David currently lives in El Paso with his wife, Laura. When he isn’t working, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling. He also enjoys reloading and shooting high powered rifles. He stays involved in the community by maintaining membership with the Illinois Farm Bureau and serving on the Illinois Central College Agriculture Advisory Committee.

Marlin Miller, Bloomington Branch

E-mail: marlinmiller@flanaganstatebank.com 

Phone: (309) 661-6333

Marlin has 25+ years of experience in a number of different areas within Banking.  He was born and raised on his family's farm in Iroquois County, IL where he continues to maintain partial ownership. He is the fourth generation to own the farm. Currently, he resides in Lexington, IL with his wife of 25+ years and his son and daughter, who are both attending the University of IL. He graduated from Illinois State University with an Agri Business degree and has been involved in Agriculture his entire life. Like many people who grew up on a farm he has experienced many different aspects of Agriculture ranging from milking cows, bailing hay, walking beans, de-tasseling corn, and constructing steel grain bins. He put himself through college working at a large grain farm in Iroquois county. 

When not at work, Marlin enjoys sports, travel and working outdoors. He is an active member of the Lexington Community Church in Lexington. Marlin is a former President of the IL Mortgage Bankers Association. Professionally, he is excited about the opportunity to serve both current and future Flanagan State Bank customers. Marlin is a true example of “you can take the boy out of the farm, but you cannot take the farm out of the boy”.   

Buck Hill, Gridley Branch

E-mail: buckhill@flanaganstatebank.com

Phone: (309) 747-3600

Buck grew up in rural Streator, Illinois as the oldest of three brothers. His father, Greg, farms and operates heavy equipment, and his mother, Kellee, is the principal of Tri Point high school.  Buck attended Marquette High School where he was very involved in track and cross country.  His love of these sports led to his continuing involvement when he went on to compete at Saint Xavier University in Chicago for three years. While running at Saint Xavier he competed in distance events, most notably running the marathon length.   

After realizing he wanted to return to the agriculture arena, Buck transferred to Illinois State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness.  One of his ongoing goals is to learn the ins and outs of the financial side of agriculture and implement those practices into the expansion of his family’s farm.  He hopes this knowledge will aid in growing the farm into a larger operation in future generations.  Living a life surrounded by agriculture has motivated Buck to help the local community’s farmers to grow and be successful within their own operations as well. 

Buck currently resides in Normal, Illinois where his main hobbies include running, biking, hiking, and working on his family farm.  In addition, he is very active as a volunteer with his former high school’s running program; helping to develop summer running clubs that train the current athletes. He hopes to be increasingly involved in local cross country and track programs, so he can better give back what has been taught to him.

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