Individual Retirement Account (IRAs)

The early bird catches the worm. Watch your retirement dreams take flight with a solid savings plan. IRAs offer tax-advantaged* ways to save for your golden years.

We offer different types of accounts for different financial situations. Ask for more details today!

  • Tax-advantaged* way to save for retirement for members under age 70 1/2
  • Earn higher rates than regular savings to grow your nest egg quickly
  • Variable and fixed rates available
  • Several plans available to serve different financial needs
  • Traditional IRA
  • Interest earnings are tax deferred until withdrawal
  • Current income grows tax free until withdrawal
  • Increases untaxed savings since withdrawals will be subject to lower tax bracket
  • Many employees are eligible to deduct their contributions on current returns
  • Roth IRA
  • All earnings are tax free upon withdrawal
  • Your income is taxed now, when you are working, instead of when you are retired
  • Some early withdrawals are penalty-free for specific situations

*Consult your tax advisor.